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Artist Statement

           As an artist I am always striving to create art that has an inner purpose and most often a ‘voice.’ It is, for me, a personal truth and a means by which I express myself. Though I am connected to my art in many ways, it is through the influence of those artists and writers who came before me, ghosts of the past and spirits of like-mindedness that I connect with most during my quest to create art. I feel intuitively connected through my art and therefore my creative expression is a tool by which I use to remain connected. No matter how you look at it, all of our individual journeys are about a connection. Reaching inside of our authentic self we can share our unique gifts and talents with each other and help maintain a ‘oneness’ of kindred souls. I like to think I am part of that ‘oneness’ by sharing my art with others.


by Claudia Wearstler Paeth © 2013 All rights reserved

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